Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis Ireland is the only national organisation providing information, support and advocacy services to the MS community. They work with people with MS, their families and carers and a range of key stakeholders including health professionals, students and other interested in or concerned about MS.

MS Ireland is chiefly a services driven organisation, focused on providing timely, person-centered services that create independence and choice for person with MS and their family.
Support is also available to the family members in dealing with the challenges they may face as a family unit.

A range of living with MS programmes, workshops and activities are organised throughout the country that are targeted at various groups such as those newly diagnosed, carers, children of parents with MS and health professionals. Programmes include physical therapies, symptom management and information/education seminars.

Nine thousand people and their family members live with Multiple Sclerosis across Ireland. Although MS is a progressive neurological condition that can affect a person’s health, lifestyle and relationships many people with MS find ways to manage and cope with many of the affects and difficulties.

Medically, it is about working with health professional to find suitable treatments and interventions that can keep you healthy. Socially, it is about finding ways to maintain participation in society through your home life, work, leisure pursuits and community activity. Emotionally, it is about finding ways to cope with challenges and maintain good mental health.


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