Mick Blake

“Mick Blake is a true modern day bard. I have been looking forward to this album for the last two years. This is an important collection which I do not hesitate to recommend to you” – Christy Moore

Mick’s songs are mainly inspired by events in post-celtic tiger Ireland and he has always tried to get a message across in every song he write – His motto is ‘if some-one chooses to give up a few minutes to listen to your work, give them something to think about’.

He had no idea that his songs would be met with such a response, with several million views on social media. He dedicated to his recent CD to Matthew, Mia and Milo, and to Mary.

The Committee of Stoney Wood Festival wish to express our gratefulness to Mick for his support and time he gave us in making our 2016 Festival such a success and wish him well in the release of his new album and into the future.

facebook.com/Mick Blake

Follow this link below to purchase your copy of Mick's latest CD Oblivious.

Mick Blake